Kayak And Paddle Board Rentals

Mobile kayak and Paddle Board delivery service,

” We deliver to you! ”


It has been proven that paddle boarding and kayaking can be an ideal way of working out while having fun with friends and family. The thrill of close encounter with a water environment is unique and always a memorable outdoor experience. Are you ready to have an exciting experience of waters in lakes, inlets and bays? Surfside Adventure Tours guarantees you unlimited exploration of these waters through our Kayak and paddle board rental services. Although, we do not offer any rentals on the lakes or beaches in the city of Victoria we have come up with a solution to cater for our customers’ requests in which we deliver to you and also offer pickups after the adventure in these lakes or beaches. Due to a good knowledge of the local area, our guides who are trained professionals have been able to provide the finest kayaking experiences. The services that we provide go beyond the basics; we offer useful tips and instructions on local conditions to ensure your safety and make your adventure as rewarding as possible Furthermore, our kayaks are maintained at high standards and are suitable to all people regardless of their age and abilities. To ensure that beginners also experience the magic of these waters we present a true learning experience through free lessons to guarantee their safety and comfort.

We would encourage you to make reservations in advance before you set out for the adventure to enable us serve you better and avoid any inconvenience. Our rental hourly rates are affordable and flexible to accommodate your schedules. We also recommend you to make at least two rental bookings and be in possession of a valid credit card and a signed waiver for you to be eligible to enjoy our cost friendly rates. Never the less, our low cost rental rates are also inclusive of a life jacket and a paddle. Paddling by your own may expose you to a handful of risks especially for individuals below 16 years of age, therefore we require them to be under the company of an adult for supervision since your safety is our priority.

For you to have a fulfilling experience we provide the right kayaks and paddle boards according to the levels of paddling experience as follows:

  • 11′  Jimmy Stykes ” Extreme” durable plastic paddle boards with a maximum weight of 220lbs that are perfect for the beginners or advanced paddlers.
  • 11′  Fiberglas Blend (ASAP) Paddle boards with a maximum weight of 220lbs this is great for intermediate to advanced paddlers
  • 13′  Perception sit on top kayaks with a maximum weight of 330 lbs that offer a safe and stable swift ride and are perfect for the beginners or advanced paddlers.

Please check out our rates below and make a reservation to enjoy this wonderful opportunity.


  • Rates include  “delivery and pick up to you”,  to any lake or beach within the vicinity of Victoria such as: Thetis Lake, Langford Lake, The Gorge Waterway, the Inner Harbour, MaCauley Point,Willows Beach, and Elk Lake.

Length of Rental and Rates:

2 hours     Paddle board rental       $45
4 hours     Paddle board rental       $60

2 hours     Kayak rental                 $60
4 hours     Kayak rental                 $80

* A minimum of 2 rentals to receive this rate, group discounts apply, please inquire for details.